Extruding Machines (Plastics Twin Screw)

  • 92mm Werner and Pfleiderer ZSK92 Extruder (Twin Screw) 1984

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    Werner & Pfeiderer ZSK92-M385 (1984) Twin Screw
    92mm diameter co rotating twin screw
    24,904 Hours shown on control panel
    24D with double vent (no vacuum system)
    All barrel section with replaceable liners
    Siemens 195kW (260 horsepower) DC drive motor
    Integrated electrical control system
    Running PP at 800 kg/hr (1,760 lbs per hour)
    Barrel equipped with oil type heat/cool system.
    1 x spare open barrel section with replaceable liner - new
    1 x spare closed barrel section with replaceable liner - new
    2 x spare plugs for open barrels - new
    1 x fan for air cooling from outside factory
    Spare kneading blocks & screw elements - new
    Screw clamp set to assist screw removal
    Miscellaneous electrical components
    Extruder control panel
    Siemens DC drive panel
    Full documentation available.

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