About Us


For over 70 years Telford Smith has bought and sold a huge range of new & used machinery & equipment for Recycling, Extrusion & Moulding industries worldwide.


We have everything including single & twin screw extruders & complete extrusion lines, recycling & reclaim machines, injection & blow moulders, as well as ancillary & automation equipment within one of the worlds largest range of new & used machinery & equipment for plastics processing industries.

We also supply, service, and support, world renown companies like GALA Underwater Pelletising Systems, DYNISCO Screen Changers, FILTON Rotary Unions, ZERMA Granulators, Shredders, Pulverisers, Complete Recycling & Wash Plants, and more...

We also have one of the worlds largest range of Used and Reconditioned Machinery and Equipment for plastics processing industries...great for those on a limited budget!

Telford Smith now have a manufacturing facility located in Ningbo, China, with full-time staff to service and support our manufacturing and export activities. All English communication with quality control through all stages of manufacturing to ensure compliance with relevant Safety and CE Standards. And all equipment is offered with Warranty, Performance Testing prior to shipping, and Commissioning in your premises - Worldwide!


ZERMA High-performance Granulators, Shredders, and Completely Integrated Recycling Systems
SHINI Plastics Ancillary & Automation Equipment
GALA Underwater Pelletising Systems
XALOY Bimetallic Barrels for Extrusion/Moulding Machines
UNITEK Crossheads for Extrusion Machines
FILTON Rotary Unions & Mechanical Seals
C.A.PICARD Screw Elements for Extrusion Machines
MESUTRONIC Metal Detectors & Metal Separators
RUNI Screw Compactors
S+S Separation & Sorting Technology


Andrew Odgers, Eco Polymers We are pleased to say that we will go ahead with the new Telford Smith Extruder and the additional screw. This has been a tough decision for us as we have even contemplated winding up the business due to the extremely difficult conditions Australian manufacturers have found themselves in with worse to follow. We take comfort in the knowledge that CTS/Telford Smith have always stood behind every product we have bought even when it has come at considerable expense. We also know that you build machines for the toughest manufacturing environments there is and by that I mean by high labor cost, high electricity costs and overall poor international competitiveness. Especially your extruders counter these negatives. You are welcome to use this letter as a testimonial. We look forward to the arrival of the Telford Smith extruder.