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Did You Know... Tederic`s Game-changing Collaboration With Byd

Did You Know... Tederic`s Game-changing Collaboration With Byd

Did You Know... Tederic`s Game-changing Collaboration With Byd

Telford Smith are partners and distributors of Tederic Injection Moulding Machines, who continue to spearhead groundbreaking advancements for moulding manufacturing industries worldwide. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, our collaboration with Tederic signifies a dynamic synergy aimed at revolutionising manufacturing processes worldwide. Tederic has not only reshaped moulding manufacturing but has also fuelled remarkable achievements, such as the groundbreaking partnership with Build Your Dreams (BYD) who are a global leader in New Energy Vehicles..

On August 17, BYD (Shenzhen) welcomed Premier Li to visit the company and was encouraged to become an ace!

To hit the annual sales target of 2 million units, BYD and Tederic have developed strategic cooperation and introduced nearly 700 units of Tederic NEO series products. The clamping force covers 85-1920 tons and has been installed in ten of BYD's thirteen production bases.

duction base

New energy vehicles are more cutting-edge in design, lightweight, energy-efficient, and have higher technical requirements for accessories. In addition to integrating interior and exterior trim, ambient lighting, soft and hard rubber combination, surface high-gloss parts and structural reinforcement parts, etc., all have new requirements.

At present, Tederic has achieved the development of the largest (2800 t) multi-station injection moulding machine in China to replace imports, with a turntable diameter of 2800 mm. Tederic's large multi-component injection moulding equipment has fully assisted BYD in replacing imports with excellent performance, serving the production of multi-color products such as headlamp masks, through-tail lamps, and various automotive interior and exterior trim parts.

Automotive optical plastic parts are thick-walled transparent plastic parts with long moulding cycles. They are prone to defects such as shrinkage, shrinkage holes, dents, bubbles, and under-injection during the injection process. Secondly, the shape of the optical parts is complex. And because the special machine for optical parts must be dedicated to the machine, the energy consumption of single product production is high.

Tederic Electric's injection moulding machines are also a key purchase for BYD and are used in producing optical-grade plastic parts such as through-beam guide bars, headlamp guide bars, and thick-walled lenses.

Tederic's unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with Telford Smith's expertise, positions us as industry leaders in the injection moulding. For tailored solutions and to embark on a journey of manufacturing excellence, reach out to Telford Smith today. Discover firsthand the transformative impact of Tederic's cutting-edge technologies, guided by the expertise and support of Telford Smith's dedicated team. Contact us now to unlock the full potential of your manufacturing operations.

Source: Tederic Website 5th September 2022