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Focus On... Green Creative: Flexipure

Focus On... Green Creative: Flexipure

Focus On... Green Creative: Flexipure

Discover Flexipure: The Ultimate Solution for Organic Soup Processing

Picture a world where processing organic soups isn't just a task—it's a streamlined, sustainable operation that exceeds regulatory standards. Welcome to the realm of Flexipure, a groundbreaking innovation by Green Creative. In this exploration, we'll delve into the intricacies of Flexipure, its game-changing features, and how it can revolutionise your operations.


Flexipure isn't just another processing equipment — it's a transformative solution poised to revolutionise the industry. Envision a sleek, high-performance filtration module seamlessly integrated into your production line, effortlessly handling up to 25m³ of organic soups per hour. With its Plug & Play convenience, installation is a breeze, eliminating the complexities of setup. 

But Flexipure offers more than mere functionality — it empowers. Imagine standing before its intuitive control panel, where every adjustment is at your fingertips. From overseeing operations to fine-tuning settings, Flexipure empowers you to seize control of your processing with confidence. 

And let's not overlook efficiency. With Flexipure, waste becomes a relic of the past. A dedicated container for residues ensures workspace cleanliness, while its minimal water consumption and energy-efficient design underscore Green Creative's sustainability commitment. With a consumption rate of < 0.1 kWh/m³ and 0% water usage, Flexipure not only ensures optimal performance but also minimizes environmental impact. Plus, with its depackaging capabilities, Flexipure handles the separation of organic matter from packaging, further enhancing its efficiency and eco-friendliness.


The benefits of Flexipure extend far beyond its innovative features. Effortlessly boosting productivity and exceeding production targets, thanks to Flexipure's high-volume capabilities and unparalleled pulp quality. With impurities in the dry matter kept below 0.09%, regulatory compliance is achievable. 

But Flexipure goes beyond meeting standards — it surpasses them. Its energy-efficient design and minimal maintenance needs translate to cost savings and peace of mind for your business. And with its user-friendly interface, Flexipure empowers your team to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and performance. 

Additionally, Flexipure's depackaging feature streamlines the process of separating organic material from packaging, reducing manual labour and enhancing overall workflow efficiency.


In conclusion, Flexipure represents a quantum leap in organic soup processing. With its advanced features, sustainability commitment, and transformative benefits, it establishes a new benchmark of excellence in the industry. And the best part? Telford Smith proudly serves as the exclusive distributor of Green Creative products in Australia, including Flexipure. As your trusted partner for processing equipment needs, Telford Smith ensures unparalleled access to cutting-edge solutions like Flexipure. 

So why wait? Embrace the future of organic soup processing today with Green Creative’s Flexipure distributed by Telford Smith. Contact us now to uncover more and embark on the journey towards revolutionising your operations. Together, let's unlock a world of possibilities for your business.