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How The World Is Tackling The Global Garbage Crisis

How The World Is Tackling The Global Garbage Crisis

How The World Is Tackling The Global Garbage Crisis

It’s now undeniable that the entire world is undergoing a waste crisis. From our landfills to the oceans, the amount of rubbish that’s being dumped is getting out of hand. NewsGuards’ Patricia Kellog claims that the global garbage crisis is only getting worse.

With an ever-growing population, rapid urbanization, and consumer goods companies continuing to produce unrenewable products and packaging, the situation looks dire.

However, everyone from the Victorian councils, major consumer good companies to international governments are finally taking a stand against poor waste management.

Over in the EU the ministers of the Council revised the legislation on waste with Neno Dimov, the Bulgarian Minister of Environment and Water stating that ‘today we close the loop of product lifecycles, from production and consumption to waste management. This decision is about making our economies more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

While in Osaka, Japan they’ve increased their efforts in waste management through their incineration plants scattered all over the country.

And earlier this year Earth Day’s focus was on plastic waste. Apart from poor recycling education, plastics from consumer goods companies are also a major problem simply because there’s not enough recycling stations out there.

Beforehand, there weren’t too many readily available washing, recycling and sorting plants for all kinds of plastics. But now Telford Smith Engineering is pioneering the shift in recycling plastics.

At Telford Smith Engineering we have a wide range of waste compacting and plastic recycling solutions perfect for any industrial or commercial businesses. From washing and sorting plants for PET bottles, recycling plants for film to washing plants for rigid plastics, everything you need to cut down on your plastic waste is readily available with Telford Smith Engineering.

Are you ready to join the rest of the world to fight against the rubbish crisis? No matter how big or small your company is, whatever industry you’re part of, you can always do something to improve your environmental impact.

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