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Just Saying... David Picone (director - Sales & Marketing)

Just Saying... David Picone (director - Sales & Marketing)

Just Saying... David Picone (director - Sales & Marketing)

Telford Smith Engineering Team and Taxation Changes

Welcome to the latest insights from Telford Smith, where commitment to excellence and adaptability to industry changes are our guiding principles. In this blog, we'll delve into three recent announcements that underscore our dedication to setting new standards in engineering.  

Firstly, we're proud to announce the registration of Shahid Malik and Seppe De Cre on the National Engineering Register. This achievement not only reflects their expertise but also showcases our firm's unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding regulatory standards. With Victoria's new engineering regulations in place, ensuring safety and quality in engineering projects has become paramount. We're embracing these changes wholeheartedly, ensuring our team is equipped to deliver the highest standards of service. 

At Telford Smith, our expertise extends beyond traditional engineering services. We specialise in custom engineering and machinery design, offering comprehensive solutions from concept to completion. Whether it's developing innovative machinery designs, proving concepts, or enhancing existing systems, our team is equipped to handle every stage of the process with precision and efficiency. From design and testing to manufacturing, delivery, installation, and training, we provide end-to-end management to ensure seamless execution of projects worldwide. With a focus on excellence and innovation, Telford Smith is your trusted partner for all your engineering needs.

In addition to our engineering capabilities, we're also committed to keeping our customers informed about important changes, including taxation regulations. Recently, there have been significant updates to taxation regulations for the fiscal year 2023-24, offering valuable opportunities for small businesses. One notable change is the extension of the $20,000 instant asset write-off until 30 June 2025. This extension provides small businesses with an aggregated annual turnover of less than $10 million the opportunity to immediately deduct the full cost of eligible assets costing less than $20,000. This means that eligible assets first used or installed ready for use by 30 June 2025 can be written off instantly. It's important to note that the asset threshold applies on a per asset basis, allowing for multiple assets to be written off instantly, providing small businesses with increased flexibility and tax benefits. Understanding and adapting to these changes is crucial for businesses to maximize tax benefits, remain compliant, and thrive in the evolving economic landscape. For more information, click here or contact Telford Smith and we can discuss what this means for your business.

Next, we're thrilled to announce that our team has recently returned from an exciting opportunity at IFAT in Munich, Germany. Joining forces with our partners ORWAK, RUNI and SESOTEC, had the privilege to showcase our collective expertise and innovative solutions on the international stage. IFAT proved to be an invaluable experience, offering opportunities to forge meaningful partnerships, stay updated of global industry trends, and engage in insightful discussions with fellow industry professionals. We're grateful for the connections made and the knowledge gained during this event. Stay tuned for the next issue, where we'll provide a comprehensive summary and update of our experience at IFAT, including highlights, key insights, and exciting developments from the event.  

Finally, let's address the broader implications of our journey. Telford Smith isn't just about individual achievements or international events; it's about leading by example and setting new benchmarks for engineering excellence. Each milestone, whether it's regulatory compliance, international collaboration, or team achievements, reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in engineering.  

Looking ahead, our focus remains on driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and delivering exceptional results for our clients. As we navigate an ever-evolving industry landscape, rest assured that Telford Smith will continue to lead the way with integrity, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.  

Our journey at Telford Smith is guided by a steadfast commitment to professionalism, innovation, and excellence. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make strides in engineering and set new standards for the industry. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a brighter, more innovative future in engineering.