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Smart Bins - Lets Digitalise The Waste Management System

Smart Bins - Lets Digitalise The Waste Management System

Smart Bins - Lets Digitalise The Waste Management System

What Are Smart Bins Exactly?

Smart bins consist of IoT enabled sensors that work as real-time indicators, displaying the amount of trash accumulated - 24 hours a day. Through smart bins, waste collection routes can be maximised to carry out the waste collection in the most effective and efficient manner. Smart bins are used to manage and detect:

  • Overfilling of waste
  • The time to recycle the waste
  • The time to collect the waste
  • The waste not thrown in the bins
  • Routes for collection and distribution
  • Information directly with the in-charge driver.

Smart waste management is a sector which has endless opportunities in smart and urban cities. The advanced technology has provided endless solutions and improved the conventional methods like never before.  

What are The Benefits of Using Smart Bins?

  1. Smart, Data-Driven Decisions – Smart bins consist of sensors that provide users with the information about the fill-level of each container so that they can take actions ahead of time. The waste management team can plan the actions and implementations before time, targeting only locations with full-trash bins.
  2. Reduced CO2 emissions and Pollution – Smart bins have IoT enabled sensors that offer a reduction in the number of garbage trucks on the road. These sensors detect the fill-level of each garbage container remotely and reduce the fleet trips. This leads to lesser fuel consumption and reduced emission of greenhouse gases. Additionally, it will lead to reduced noise and air pollution and less road wear.
  3. Reduced Operational Costs – Bin sensors enabled in smart bins work as a solution to high operational costs by reducing waste collection costs by up to 50 %. The global cost of garbage management is increasing, majorly affecting low-income countries. Therefore, smart bins prove to be an aid in offering lower fuel usage, less money spent on drivers and thus, lesser operational costs.
Keeping with the increase in prominence of waste management around the world, such developments and inventions will pave a strong path towards managing the serious need of waste management.

Solve Your Waste Management Problems!

Along with smart bins, there are many industries that contribute to efficient waste management by offering waste management equipment. Telford Smith is a pioneer in manufacturing plastic recycling and waste management solutions for any industrial or commercial businesses. We have a wide range of shredders, granulators and compactors for recycling and re-use of your waste products. If you want to learn more about our services or products, call us today at (03) 8792 9777 or send an inquiry to