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Towards A Sustainable Future Through Strategic Waste Management

Towards A Sustainable Future Through Strategic Waste Management

Towards A Sustainable Future Through Strategic Waste Management

More than 12 months after the crisis in Australia’s recycling sector came into sight, businesses and local councils are still looking for answers from the Australian government.

In January 2018, China’s crackdown on the importation of 24 categories of waste recyclables sent the Australian recycling industry, with around 50,000 employees, into a sudden fall.

Primarily, 619000 tonnes of 67 million tonnes of waste generated in Australia was likely to be affected. But, with the current scenario and looking at recent figures, the number rounds up to about 1.3 million tonnes. While political thrust continuous to rise, the complex negotiations between state and territories have hindered the efforts to solve Australia’s waste management scenario.

Waste Management – The SolutionRecycling is a way of life. Considering the current situation, the quantity of waste is only going to increase; yet there cannot continue to be one single hope that “just putting in the bin” will solve it all and work as an efficient waste management system.

Governments all across Australia and around the world have accepted the hitches with the ongoing consumption patterns and have adopted impressive targets for either reducing waste that goes to landfill or take up “zero” waste policies.As an effort to analyse, implement and regulate innovative waste management strategies, the government organises a Waste Management Conference every year and invites renowned delegates, speakers from all across the world.

Established in 1996, the Coffs Harbour Waste Management Conference is a quality program that is focused on the latest and innovative developments in the waste management industry.

What are Its Objectives?

The Waste Management Conference attracts more than 630 representatives, both nationally and internationally, and is focused on anyone who works in or has an interest in the waste management industry. If you are related to the waste industry including the following, this conference is for you.

  • Recycling equipment provider
  • Local government managers, engineers or educators
  • Environmentalists and industrial groups
  • Students
  • Consultants

With a huge participation of attendees and representatives, you will be benefited from listening to leading waste management professionals about latest innovations in the industry and visit a wide range of exhibitions. The conference is devoted to the discussion of information on waste generation, characterisation, minimisation, collection and treatment, along with implementation of advanced waste management strategy.

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Waste management is one of the main problems of modern society and the world is looking forward to efficient solutions to this problem. The Australian waste management industry has responded positively to the “National Sword Policy” by China and looks at it as an opportunity to progress towards a sustainable economy.

At Telford Smith, we have similar goals. Through our strategic waste management and recycling machinery, we provide businesses with a custom-made solution to curb their growing waste collection crisis. To implement a better waste management strategy, call us at 03 8792 9777 or send us your inquiries at