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Wash Your Own Plastics Before They Wash Over Our Shores

Wash Your Own Plastics Before They Wash Over Our Shores

Wash Your Own Plastics Before They Wash Over Our Shores

All over the world, there are alarming reports on the excess plastic items showing up on popular tourist destinations.In the Dominican Republic, activists collected an astonishing 30 tonnes of plastic waste from the local beaches in just 3 days.

Tourist companies such as the Mountain Company are trying to encourage rubbish collecting as an activity in their holiday packages, asking each trekker to pick up 1kg of rubbish in one of their trips in Nepal, Pakistan, India or Bhutan.

The Guardian states that ‘If we continue to generate plastic waste at the current rate approximately 12 billion tonnes will be in landfills or the natural environment by 2050.’The plastic crisis has always been a highly debated topic, with country after country around the world fine-tuning their efforts to reduce their environmental footprints.

Every single act towards a more efficient plastic waste management system counts. And the major benefits of properly processing recyclable plastics can start with your company.

Everyone is becoming aware of how much plastic is produced and used in consumer goods and the F&B industry. From plastic straws at cafes and restaurants, plastic bottles sold at every shop and restaurant to plastic bags at the supermarket, these hazardous products can easily pile up.

From a consumer’s point of view, as long as they put their plastic items in the right bin they’ve completed their role in contributing to the solution. But what if you’re part of the establishment that collects the plastic items?

Usually, a lot of companies send off their plastic products to either wash plants or landfills. However, the recent ban on exporting landfill has made the latter option more expensive and dangerous for the environment.

If your company wants to make a major change in the way it deals with collected plastic items you should consider having your very own washing station.

Washing plastics is a necessary step within the entire recycling system. For instance, having a wash plant for PET bottles means you won’t have to rely on manual labour to take care of all the dirty plastic waste.

There are various mechanisms that complete washing and drying tasks for a variety of plastic products. At Telford Smith Engineering we provide our advanced washing and drying machinery across the globe. We have an extensive range of advanced washing and drying stations. This includes a complete wash plant for PET bottles, friction washers for intensive washing, rinsing and dewatering to mechanical and thermal driers and more.

With all the technology readily available, it’s now even easier to improve your environmental footprint. If you want to learn more about having your very own washing station, get in touch with one of our consultants today.

At Telford Smith Engineering we specialise in manufacturing large and small-scale wash plants to suit any kind of establishment. Talk to one of our friendly consultants today to find the right wash plant to suit your needs.

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