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Why Is Australia At A Crisis Point Due To Wrong Recycling?

Why Is Australia At A Crisis Point Due To Wrong Recycling?

Why Is Australia At A Crisis Point Due To Wrong Recycling?

For more than 3 decades now, Australia has been dumping its waste in China. But, since the announcement by China earlier this year that they would no longer accept Australian plastic, mixed paper and textiles, problems have been piling up for the Australian government and its citizens.

China’s Recycling Ban – Both, A Crisis and an Opportunity!

According to Tony Khoury, CEO of Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association (WCRA), China has done a favour to Australia. For more than 20 years, China has been taking away a large proportion of Australia’s waste material, which made it lazy. The only solution to this crisis is that we need to get better at recycling, by investing more in recycling materials and creating more recycling markets in our own country.

“A crisis, Khoury says, is always an opportunity, and I expect entrepreneurs to come up with new and potential solutions of waste recycling. But, as the entrepreneurs take their initiatives, it is the government’s responsibility to protect the industry.”

So, what are our Solutions?

Medium and long-term solutions to this problem fall under three major categories.

  • Enhancing the quality of recyclables
  • Greater investment in onshore recycling markets
  • Reduction in the need of recycling altogether

The Waste Management Association of Australia has invested an amount of  $150 million in infrastructure and recycling improvements and for increased sale of recycled products. According to South Australian data, more than 25000 jobs can be produced, if we operate waste recycling onshore.

For a truly circular economy, it is extremely crucial that government considers this opportunity to go beyond investment and recycling of waste products. Incentives and grant programs for manufacturers that are into reuse and recycling, is a great idea to motivate businesses to move to better technologies.

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