Our compaction and baling solutions make a significant contribution to effective and efficient waste management, sustainable business practices, the well-being of employees, and compliance with environmental regulations.

So although compacting and baling materials is about making something that’s more into less, what we’ve learned over the years is that less also results in more benefits for our customers.

More productivity and staff efficiency

It doesn’t matter the type of job you have or the industry you’re in. Waste disposal and management can be challenging. From cardboard recycling to food waste management, a simple and efficient waste disposal management solution makes everybody’s day run smoother. Less time spent on waste handling means more time for staff to concentrate on core business activities.

More space for profitable stock

Highly compacted bales, bags or briquettes require much less space than loose waste. The volume reduction contributes to more productive use of space for stock-in-trade and production. The simple solution to reduce and sort waste is to use a baler or compactor. Reducing waste volume means less expense for waste removal, plus any recyclable waste can be sold to recycling plants. Now that’s a win/win for everyone.

Less transportation costs, more money in your pocket

Compacted waste requires fewer waste pick-ups, which results in lower transportation costs and reduced CO2 emissions. Sorting at source yields a higher quality of waste material for recycling.

With more than 45 years experience, Orwak Compactors are well equipped to provide a solution that meets your waste-handling challenges.

You may wish to visit our web site at www.OrwakCompactors.com.au for further information in relation to the innovative range of balers and waste compactors we offer that promote sorting at the source and makes waste management more profitable.

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