SHINI Hopper Driers | SHD-25 / SHD-50

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SHINI Hopper Driers | SHD-25 / SHD-50


SHINI Hopper Dryers | SHD-25 / SHD-50

SHD series are suitable for drying row materials and recycling materials, such as ABS, PA, PBT, PC, PE, PET, PMMA, PP, POM, PPS, PS, PUR, PVC and so on. SHD can not be suitable for drying powder materials and all kinds of food, chemical medicine, inflammable and explosives materials, volatile goods. If customers’ product is optical grade, SCD-OP series is available but not SHD series. If it is hygroscopic materials, such as ABS, PA, PC, PET, PMMA, etc., SHD should be equipped with SD-H series. If the size of raw materials are uneven or other forms, material density is need to be considered.

25Kg and 50 KG Capacity Available



  • Adopt heat-insulated blower to prolong blower lifespan. 
  • The heating tank adopts double-layer insulation structure which not only can reduce the power consumption but also can avoid too high of the ambient temperature.
  • All material contact surfaces are made of stainless steel to eliminate material contamination.
  • With overheat release function, when the drying temperature exceeds the set deviation value, the main power supply will be automatically cut off.
  • All series are standard equipped with the one-week timer and intermittent operation function.
  • The max. drying temperature can reach 160℃.