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LIAD BlendSave

For applications where weight accuracy is of upmost importance, such as masterbatch compounding by combining mono-masterbatches.

Centralized Blending BlendSave is a centralized blender consisting of up to 14 individual weighing chambers which are all individually fed directly from silos or containers.

After weighing and dropping into a common funnel, the materials are distributed as whole batches to the appropriate processing machine.

Designed for the creation of new homogeneous masterbatch from a combination of mono-masterbatches, in addition to meeting the needs of plastics batch compounding for plastic processing machines.

BlendSave works by simultaneously weighing all needed resins and additives for each recipe within its 14 weighing chambers dedicated to a specific raw material, and then releases the entire batch into a common funnel before being sent via tubing to the corresponding processing machine.

As opposed to the traditional gravimetric batch blender which is limited to the number of machines it can serve due to the multitude of formula variations, a single BlendSave takes up only a few meters of floor space and supports up to 48 processing machines.

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