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LIAD FlowSave Continous Loss-In-Weight Gravimetric Blender

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LIAD FlowSave Continous Loss-In-Weight Gravimetric Blender

FlowSave is a modular system, whose feeders can be exchanged or removed as needed. FlowSave's design guarantees a totally homogeneous blend.

Continuous Loss-In-Weight Gravimetric BlenderFlowSave fulfills the extrusion sector's demands for accurate and homogenous dosing and constant blending, by providing highly accurate loss-in-weight blending and feeding of various size and bulk density materials such as pellets, regrinds and powder.

FlowSave covers a wide production range of up to 1500 kg/h, and can feed up to 5 materials.

Separate load cells for each component allow for constant monitoring of each component flow. If there are any changes in properties, e.g. bulk density, pellet size, etc.,

FlowSave automatically adjusts individual feeders to match the extruder rate at the required ratio - without affecting the accuracy of the blended material.

This ensures a constant blending ratio according to the recipe at all times.

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