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LIAD LiquidSave Gravimetric Liquid Dosing System

LIAD LiquidSave Gravimetric Liquid Dosing System

Features: Peristaltic pump, prevents contamination of the liquid or the pump Easy to transport trolley Integrated alarm lamp Multiple recipes 3.6-22800 mL/h LiquidSave Advantages

LiquidSave is a gravimetric dosing system designed for precise dosing of liquids on any plastics processing machine, including injection molding, blow molding, or extrusion applications.

LiquidSave is extremely accurate, utilizing continuous loss-in-weight metering technology with closed-loop pump speed control.and economical.

The system is simple to install and operate, and comes equipped with an easily transportable trolley, which carries the main tank, spare tank*, pump, and controller.

*The spare tank allows easy change of tanks when the main tank is emptied.

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