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MEPER Blow Moulding Machines

Telford Smith offers a range of high quality blow moulding machines for various thermo plastics containers.
For still & carbonated water, sauces & detergents, blow moulding machines can be adapted to the specific requirements of food & non-food products & liquids packaged in plastic bottles.

In addition to standard bottle production for still & carbonated drinks, blow moulding machines also produce plastic containers in a wide variety of shapes for diverse applications: heat resistant bottles, wide mouth bottles, flat or complex shaped containers.

Containers ranging in size from 0.3 Litre up to 120 Litre can be produced on standard equipment, & specially engineered machines can accommodate containers in larger sizes.

Blow moulding machines can produce PE PP PVC or PA containers.


  • Blow moulding machines up to 120 litre capacity
  • Single or multi-layer containers 
  • Single, twin & triple head 
  • High quality components throughout 
  • Large machines equipped with accumulators 
  • CE standards with certification by SGS Switzerland 
  • High quality components from European & International manufacturers

Optional accessories include moulds, servo hydraulic system for faster cycle times, leak detectors, conveyors, granulators, water chillers, hopper loaders, master batch feeders, blow moulding tools & trim stations.Telford Smith will arrange installation, commissioning & training in foreign countries.

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