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MULTITECH Vertical Injection Moulding Machines | LSR

MULTITECH Vertical Injection Moulding Machines | LSR

Precision does not accept compromises, which is why Telford Smith is the exclusive agent for MULTITECH in Australia.

Introducing the Multitech Vertical Injection Moulding Machine 

MULTITECH are renowned for their state of the art Vertical Moulding Machines. These machines function the same as traditional horizontal machines, however they are orientated to operate on the vertical axis. They require very little floor space due to the orientation of the machine and components can be easily loaded into the mold and held in place by gravity prior to over molding.

Vertical injection molding machines often incorporate a shuttle or rotary table, allowing loading and demoulding within the machines cycle time.

LSR series - Liquid Silicone Rubber, A reliable material with a huge market potential and possibility for innovation.

LSR injection moulding solutions for applications such as Bathroom Products, Medical Device, Baby Products, Sport Products, Kitchenware, Keypads and seals low waste, high quality and high-efficiency LSR production process can be achieved with MULTITECH. 

Application Fields Injection moulding machines offer complex moulding capabilities and so find their way into many different application fields including

  • National defence

  • Electrical

  • Automotive

  • Transportation

  • Building and Construction

  • Packaging

  • Agriculture

  • Education

  • Healthcare

Why buy from Telford Smith Engineering

Telford Smith Engineering has been manufacturing and distributing equipment in Australia since 1927. 

A family owned company to this day we provide excellent service and support throughout and will arrange installation, commissioning & training anywhere in Australia, New Zealand or elsewhere.

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