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Horizontal Balers

ORWAK Horizontal Balers

Our fully automated Orwak Horizontal balers provide an extensive choice of feed systems and automatic tying of the bales. The balers meet the challenge presented by centralized waste handling. Continuous baling allows multi-shift operation and a bale coun
Automatic solutions for continuous output of mill-size bales

Fully automated horizontal balers meet the challenges presented by centralized and large-scale waste handling in many businesses that produce large volumes of paper-based and plastic wrapping waste for recycling.

They quickly minimize the waste material in a cost-effective way to help you improve internal logistics. The continuous baling allows multi-shift operation and a bale counter keeps track of the throughput.

The mill-size bales can be sold directly to paper and plastic processing industries.

Standard features

  • Photocell start
  • Automatic operation
  • Automatic bale tying
  • Material selector
  • Bale counter

A wide choice of feed systems is available:

  • Manual
  • Bin
  • Air-transport
  • Conveyor belt

Orwak Horizontal Baler Brochure (PDF) PRESS FORCE: 30-60 t CAPACITY: 16 t/h

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