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Hopper Dryers | SHD-U

SHINI Hopper Dryers | SHD-U

SHD-U hopper dryer can efficiently dry most of standard hygroscopic plastics as to ensure high quality molding products.
The concise structure makes it easy to mount on the IMM, and the drying hopper can also be directly mounted on the floor with the floor stand. Besides, there are multiple optional accessories to meet different production demands, such as hot air recycler, magnetic base and maintenance ladder etc.


  • Adopt P.I.D temperature control and LCD display, with RS485 communication function.
  • Overheat protection to ensure reliable operation.
  • 7-day Timer.
  • Unique design of down-blow air pipe can spread hot air evenly, keeping plastics dry and temperature stable to raise drying efficiency.
  • SHD-80U and models above have hopper maintenance door for easy and effective maintenance.
  • SHD-450U and models below are equipped with stainless steel lining aluminium base.
  • SHD-600U~750U is equipped with aluminium magnetic base. SHD-900U and model above are equipped with manual butterfly valve.
  • For SHD-900U models and above, floor stand is standard accessory.
  • Double-layer insulation structure ensures uniform temperature with less heat loss.
  • All material contact surfaces are made of stainless steel to eliminate material contamination.

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