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Volumetric Dosers | SCM

SHINI Volumetric Dosers | SCM

SCM series volumetric doser is suitable for even feeding of masterbatch, additive, and virgin material to the plastic process machine.
The unit has a selection of four dosing screw sizes for different throughput needs. The unit can supports up to four sets of dosing screws for various material receipt.
In SCM-D with three components application, two material dosed via a screw unit and free flow of main material through neckpiece.
In SCM-4 with five components application, four materials can be dosed via a screw unit and free flow of main material through neckpiece.
SCM in high drying temperature application, such as PET preform production. Water cooling kit should be added to prevent masterbatch from sticking in the screw. Add "H' at the end of the model code.
SCM syncronize dosing speed in extruder mode via analog 0~10V input from the extruder.
Combination of Shini VL venturi loader realizes auto conveying of material to SCM at all time.


  • Chrome coating dosing screw for long durability.
  • Maintenance-free DC brushless motor from Germany.
  • Modular design for easy color change and maintenance.
  • Standard neckpiece with hopper magnets for better processing machine protection.
  • Input available for both extrusion and injection mode.
  • Uninterrupted production recovery in case of power failure.
  • Synchronize of masterbatch dosing ratio with extruder speed.
  • Masterbatch blockage alarm via motor overload.
  • Support micro-dosing mode. Masterbatch will dose once per X cycle.
  • Modbus RTU data communication via RS485.  

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