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TEDERIC NEO-H Injection Moulding Machines, Two-Platen

TEDERIC NEO-H Injection Moulding Machines, Two-Platen

NEO-H Injection Moulding Machines are a collection of innovative patented technologies with flexible and rich functional configurations to provide you with professional customised solutions.
Clamping force


Clamping structure

Two-Platen System

Power System

Servo-Hydraulic / Electric plasticizing (Optional)

Control System


  • Energy Saving up to 30%-80% compared with constant-speed motor and a variable-displacement pump Hydraulic Machines.
  • Injection weight repeatability ≤0.3%; The repeat accuracy of mold opening position is≤1mm.
  • Huge mold space, Modular design of mold opening cylinder.
  • Reduced footprint.
  • Rotational injection unit to replace screw and barrel easier and quicker.

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