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Bag to Bag Flake Purifying

TELFORD SMITH Bag to Bag Flake Purifying

Complete Turn Key Bag to Bag Flake Purifying Line
From right to left the functions are as follows:
  • Double debagging station for unloading of bulk bags – air cylinder operated bag shakers to assist discharge.
  • Pre Cleaner for separation of dust and labels installed over two deck Classifier.
  • Classifier used for separation of under sized flakes (below 3mm) and oversized flakes (above 14mm) – typically most contaminated particles are less than 3mm.
  • Sesotec Near Infrared Flake Purifier for sorting by colour and material type - includes resort channel for optimal sorting.
  • Double bagging station for bagging of finished flakes – load cell option available.
  • Single bagging station for reject flakes.

All blowers, rotary valves & Cyclones manufactured by Telford Smith. We use long radius, formed 90 degree bends for improved performance and wear resistance.

Optional reverse pulse dust collector available on request to avoid the use of dust socks.

Control equipment:
  • Operation via PLC with touch screen.
  • Manufactured to Australian Standards which exceed CE.

[Case Study: Martogg] NIR Plastic Flake Sorting Takes Quality Control To New Levels

Process Description:

Debagging: The system is designed with Twin Station Debagging allowing for continuous processing from 1 bag at a time. A Sensor mounted above the discharging Rotary Valve will alert the control system to divert to the other bag once it is empty and illuminating a light bar on the front of the bagging station for operators to identify a bag needs to be changed.

The material is then pneumatically conveyed to a Pre Cleaner for separation of dust and labels.

The dust and labels are collected in a bulk bag or hopper(not included) and the PET flakes fall to the Flake Classifier (Linear Screener) mounted below. The purpose of the Flake Classifier is to separate flakes larger than 14mm and smaller than 3mm from the material. Testing shows that the majority of the contamination are particles smaller than 3mm. This also Flakes larger than 14mm may be granulated and returned to the process.

The classified flakes are then pneumatically conveyed to an Intermediate Dosing Hopper above the Flake Purifier fitted with High, Medium and Low Level sensors. The hopper is divided the same as the Flake Purifier allowing to dose the resort lane.

The SESOTEC Flake Purifier (Can be sourced direct or through Telford Smith) is installed on an included Mezzanine.

The sorted target material is pneumatically transported from the Flake Purifier to a Double Bagging Station.

Rejected flake is diverted back to the ‘resort loop’ of the SESOTEC Flake Purifier where reject material is blown to a reject Single Bagging Station and target material is returned to the Sesotec Flake Purifiers main line.  The Target Fraction bagging station is fitted with Pneumatic Bag Shakers to provide maximum weights and balanced bag filling.

This system can optionally be provided with Bag Weighing and an automatic bag diverter. Alternatively target material can be blown to a customer supplied material Silo.

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