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TELFORD SMITH Single Screw Extruders for Plastics

TELFORD SMITH Single Screw Extruders for Plastics

With more than 80 years experience, Telford Smith is well equipped to provide a solution for your plastics processing application. Recycling, compounding, sheet, pipe & profile extrusion are just a few of our many areas of expertise.
Barrel & Feed Section

Standard barrels are manufactured from high grade alloy steel & nitrided. The feed section is integrated with the extruder barrel for improved heat transfer & performance. Expect improved feeding & performance from your Telford Smith extruder.

Optional bimetallic barrels are available for abrasive materials & offer an extended operating life. Downstream barrel openings for venting & feeding are available on request.

All barrels are tapped for optional rupture plugs and/or melt pressure & temperature probes. Barrel flanges may be manufactured to suit screen changers, melt pumps & various accessories. Optional mechanical or hydraulic head clamps are available on request.

Barrel Heating & Cooling

Standard Telford Smith extruders are equipped with high quality heating & cooling assemblies comprising:

  • Multiple ceramic heater bands with tensioning device to ensure close heater contact with the barrel surface.
  • Multiple alloy cooling fins for efficient heat transfer & cooling control.
  • Insulated stainless steel covers ensuring operator safety & heating efficiency.
  • High-capacity cooling fans
  • Precise heating control allows optimum performance of the extruder at high throughputs.


Telford Smith offer a range of high performance screws for various applications. Typical materials include: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, HIPS, ABS, PET, UPVC, Flexible PVC, Nylon. Screw types including: Metering screws, barrier screws, two stage screws for venting, screws with various types of mixing heads.

Gearbox & Thrust Section

High quality, double reduction gear reducer. Forced feed oil lubrication system with oil flow & temperature monitoring devices. All gear boxes equipped with heat exchanger to ensure constant operating temperature.

Main Drive Motor

Standard Telford Smith extruders are equipped with DC motors; however, AC motors are available on request. All motors are equipped with tacho feedback, or encoder, for screw speed control. High-capacity fans & air filters ensure cool, clean air is delivered to the motor windings. Customers may nominate preferred motor suppliers.

Vee Drive

Standard extruders equipped with heavy duty vee belts & pulleys. Extruders with motors more than 342kW are equipped with a direct drive coupling.

Machine Guarding

Sectioned sheet metal guards are provided to protect operators from moving parts & designed to all allow easy access for service & maintenance.

Fabricated Extruder Base

Telford Smith Extruder bases are fabricated from heavy duty mild steel plate to ensure precise alignment of the barrel in relation to the gear reduction unit. An adjustable barrel support allows precise alignment during installation which is a crucial factor in ensuring extended service life of the screw & barrel.

Extruder bases may be supplied in various configurations to suit specific customer requirements i.e. left or right hand, various centre line heights, vertical extrusion, etc.

Feed Hopper

Fabricated mild steel, powder-coated, hopper with shut o¬ gate & material discharge chute. Alternative hopper designs available on request to suit specific customer requirements.

Control Cabinet

Electrical control systems are designed & manufactured by Telford Smith to ensure compliance with CE & Australian safety standards.

Features of the Telford Smith electrical control system:

  • Solid state heating controls
  • Digital temperature controllers
  • Digital screw rpm indicator
  • Digital ammeter to indicate motor load
  • High quality European DC drive
  • All electrical enclosures manufactured to IP54 standards
  • Free standing control panel with air circulation fan & filter
  • Extruders wired to numbered terminal strips on the machine base

Optional features which may be fitted on request include 24 x 7 hour heating timers, digital melt temperature & pressure instrumentation, alternative DC drives & motors, PLC controls with touch screens, air conditioning & integration with existing equipment & processes.

Consult one of our experienced process engineers & we will find the solution which best suits your processing requirements.

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