SHINI Vertical Batch Mixers

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SHINI Vertical Batch Mixers


SHINI Vertical Batch Mixers | SVM-U

From 400 Kg/hr up to 13.000Kg/hr, SVM-U are mainly used for mixing plastics as raw materials, masterbatch and recycled materials. SVM-U can not be used dealing with plastic powder and all kinds of foods, chemicals, and inflammable, explosive and volatile materials. Bulk density should be taken into account when the dimension of material is uneven or in other forms.

- Vertically mounted blending screw and cylinder ensure even mixing of materials
- Removable top assembly (Lid, motor and control box) for easy cleaning
- Function of feeding plus mixing simultaneously can save time significantly
- 0-300 hours auto-stop function
- Equipped with main power switch and safety interlock protection to ensure operator safety and no damage to machine

These mixers are designed to mix large quantities of resins or like products very quickly. They can be easily fed with the initial ingredients via the inlet hopper (580mm high) and the mixed product can be easily removed from the mixer via the outlet chute (1160mm high) into drums, bags etc.

They can be used in a continuous manner and do not have to be batch mixed or emptied before starting the next mix and can be drawn from during the mix cycle.